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Aparajita Flower (Neelkantha) :- Creeper Plan

It is a creeper plant. It grows mainly in summer session. This plants and its flowers enhances beauty of our home and garden. Indian we offer this flower to goddess also. It commonly known as Clitoria, blue pea, butterfly pea. It has many local names also. Like Shankhapushpa, Neelkantha. .

How to Grow and Care Aparajita:
Normally it requires higher temperature to germinate. So ideal time to show this seeds in the month or March and April. It prefers hot and humid weather. It blooms most from April to September.
So to grow Aparajita, germinate the seeds in seedling pots or a small container. It is one of the hardy creeper plant. We can germinate in Cocopit, Soil or Sand. Best germination medium is mixture of sand and cocopit in the 1:1 ratio.
After 30 days of germination, we should put the siblings in a 8 inch pot or ground. Growing medium should be mixture of sand, soil and compost . We can keep the plant in the half-shaded area. This plant grows as a vine and got a very good luster. It does not need much care.

Light- It is a flowering plant. It can grow in low light area. But to bloom flowers least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight in a day is required. In the summer, half shade will keep the plant refreshed and blooming better.
Soil- Aprajita plants like well drained soil. Prefered soil for Aparajita is a mixture of sand, garden soil and compost in 1:3:1 ration.
Water- Aparajita does not like to be dry for long periods. Watering it in alternate day should be fine.
Temperature and Humidity- It prefers hot and humid wethier.
Fertilizer- During plantation and repotting use compost, bone meal and neem khol. Later feed NPK once in a month in small quantity.

Propagating Aparajita:
We can collect and keep the seeds for next year. Normally seeds are collected in the winter season. In the next year we can use those seeds to grow new plants .

Types of Aparajita:Dual Colour Rose Flowers: ( Buy Online Or WhatsApp 7439236696 for plants/seeds) )
There are may types of Aparajita flower. Mainly Aparajita flowers comes in blue, white , pink and combination of white - blue -pink colors.

Benifits Of Aparajit Plant and Flowers:
  • Controls sugar level (anti-diabetic) - A cup of blue tea taken after meals helps to control blood sugar levels.
  • It can improve eyesight
  • It has a wide range of neurological benefits. It is used to treat neurological disorders.
  • The fine paste of Aparajita plant leaf reduce swelling.
  • It is used to treat male pattern baldness and premature hair loss and greying.